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"They are mirror images of each other; Tomax's hair is parted on the right side of his head and Xamot's on the left, the piping on their uniforms goes up the opposite side on each twin, and even their names are mirror images of one another—with Xamot reading as Tomax in a mirror. The only distinguishing mark between the two is a scar on Xamot's right cheek, which Tomax does not have. Tomax and Xamot share an empathic connection commonly known as "The Corsican Syndrome" in which identical twins are believed to be psychically bonded, as per The Corsican Brothers. While this is often useful, as it allows them to communicate wordlessly and finish each others sentences, it is also a liability as they feel each other's pain.

While their origins are top secret, the brothers speak in notable accents that indicate they were born on an island in the Mediterranean (While never actually named, this island is strongly implied to be Corsica). The brothers served in the French Foreign Legion in Algeria, then as mercenaries in Africa and South America before changing careers and moving into banking, becoming bankers in Zurich, Switzerland. Unhappy with the world of corporate finance, the brothers found the opportunities available in international terrorism far more suited to their abilities and joined Cobra. Within Cobra, their specialties are in infiltration, espionage, sabotage, propaganda and corporate law.

Like the Crimson Guard that they lead, Xamot and Tomax also lead the "respectable" corporate face of Cobra as the founders, owners, and CEOs of Extensive Enterprises. When not engaged in terrorism, they efficiently manage Cobra's business affairs in shirt and tie. Their preferred mode of attack is through brains over brawn, using the law to serve the purposes of Cobra. They have covered their paper trail and connection to Cobra so well that it is thought to be impossible to prove a connection between them and the terrorist organization."
-Taken from Wikipedia.

Special abilities: Xamot and Tomax are psychically-bonded to each other. As the above quote states, they can feel what the other feels, though this is canonically limited to pain and duress, or if one of the brothers is subjected to rough physical treatment [for obvious reasons, anything basic and biological, or would be considered regular and/or normal physical contact, is not picked up on]. They can also communicate telepathically, but this talent only extends towards the other sibling. They can't communicate with others this way, and it's debatable if anyone can talk with them via the telepathic route.

When speaking verbally, Xamot's dialogue will be aligned left; Tomax's right, and when speaking together dialogue will be centred to make things easier to follow.

Current AU version[s]: G.I. Joe-verse with HDM-style daemons. Brothers have mirrored stoat daemons that usually ride in a breast pocket on the twins' jackets. Xamot's daemon is called "Rimal"; Tomax's "Lamir" [currently this version appears at [info]mixed_muses but will [very] likely show up elsewhere as well].

Xamot and Tomax are copyright to Hasbro Inc., and appear in [info]milliways_bar for roleplaying purposes only, with no profit being made from this. As if I could make money off of this...
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